Delyan Kostov is not an Art Dealer
trying to move quantities

Instead he is trying to create special artworks
designed and laid out in accordance with the taste and desire of the people
who will enjoy the final product. The artist strive to create an atmosphere,
which is in full harmony with the overall design and ambiance of your place.

Watch the creating of a mural
at Delyan Kostov's YouTube channel


finished projects

This gallery contains projects of airbrushed walls, ceilings, kids room, but
also cars, motors and cyborgs. Finishing coat of varnish layer allows us to paint
over all kind of surfaces, no matter how uneven and rough the surface can be.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to message or to give us a call
with questions or offers at any of the following languages:

english, german, russian, bulgarian

(+359) 878 92 37 35
(+359) 878 92 37 35

Fine art gallery

Order an orignal painting on canvas thats available in the gallery or purchase a similar custom design

If you considering purchasing a murals smaller than 4 square meters it may be better idea to order an original paiting on canvas that can be delivred` to your home and then streched at the desired wall. In this case you can always take it later with you if you moving or resell the artwork.